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New York, Paris and Milan host some of the largest, grandest fashion weeks that the world has to offer, but there is a big problem. These events cater mainly to prominent fashion houses and high-end name brands. Their spaces are politically set and feature only certain companies and designers, whose collections are then heavily plugged by the fashion media. This creates a wall of “establishment,” and it is difficult for new or “outside” designers to penetrate it.


Another big hindrance with those fashion weeks is cost, with prices to show ranging anywhere from $125,000 to $325,000, plus the cost of runway samples. Yet designers are not the only ones facing expensive fees — Distributors, stores, and customers all attend shows to see the latest collections. If you want to attend New York Fashion Week in person, tickets cost $500-$1500 per day, depending on the show/designer, and that is without airfare, hotel fees, meals and cab fares.


Now there is a fabulous new stage primed to turn the fashion world on its heel: Phenomenal Fashion Week. Here, Phenomenal Designers can finally fully compete, free from the racially-unfair terms that have been historically ingrained within the fashion industry. Through Phenomenal Fashion Week, Black fashion creatives can design the shows of their dreams, do fabulous events on budgets they can afford, and have them streamed all over the world! As a featured Phenomenal Fashion Week designer, you can have your shows, clothes, accessories and more presented to a global audience — an audience who can then become instant customers, guided straight to your website/online store to order the items they love!


This is YOUR TIME. It is your turn to unleash your dreams and flaunt your talent across the globe, showing everyone just how imaginative and fantastic your designs are. This is your fashion week, Black Woman. The old guard can no longer hold you outside of the gates because now you now have a direct connection to your worldwide audience. Finally, everyone can see and appreciate just how Phenomenal, Magnificent and Gorgeous your fashion creations truly are!